Centralized Traffic Control (CTC)

The requirements of management and supervision for railway circulation are completely satisfied by CTC Systems (Centralized traffic control).

The system allows the control and automatic management of one or more railway routes, by a single central site (DCO) full-featured routing Train, Train Describer and Train Graph.

Also it provides for the management systems and blocks of Aces counts that type automatic block and the management of all typical operating regimes of the railway.


  • Remote Control and Monitoring
  • Train Graph
  • Train Describer
  • Train Routing
  • Timetable

Interface with other systems
The HW structure and the SW packages allow an easy integration with other products; in particular, the system is able to:

  • Send messages to the Real-Time Public Information system supplied by Tecnau
  • Transmit train numbers to other systems
  • Display real time rail traffic and statistic data on web

Interface with other systems
The system is currently installed in:

  • Ferrovia Circumetnea of Catania
  • Ferrovie Emilia Romagna:
    • Reggio Emilia to Sassuolo
    • Reggio Emilia to Guastalla
    • Parma to Suzzara
    • Bologna to Portomaggiore
    • Ferrara to Codigoro
  • Umbria Mobilità:
    • San Sepolcro to Ponte S.Giovanni Nord
    • Ponte S.Giovanni Nord to S.Anna
    • Ponte San Giovanni Sud to Terni
  • Ferst with PITTI project