For over fifteen years, Tecnau S.r.l. has applied its vast knowledge and expertise to a variety of Railway & Trasportation Control System Integration projects national and international.

Tecnau work with the latest technology to bring you up-to- date power distribution systems for both overhead and underground distribution.
Tecnau specializes in custom SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) systems.

An Experienced Programming Staff

• Analysis of building automation monitoring and control needs
• Control system/SCADA design and implementation
• Solution recommendations for platform, network, user interface, project phasing and more
• Functional specification
• Network design and implementation
• HMI design and implementation
• Total integration with all related building, plant, campus and enterprise systems
• Integration of manufacturing controls into your systems
• Project management
• Training
• Support
• Cyber security system

Tecnau prides itself in having a highly experienced Field Technician department serving your every need.

Recent Projects

Complete railways traffic management system in Emilia Romagna.

The system allows the control and automatic management of one or more railway routes, by a single central site (DCO) full-featured routing Train, Train Describer and Train Graph.
also it provides for the management systems and blocks of Aces counts that type automatic block and the management of all typical operating regimes of the railway.

• Remote Control and Monitoring
• Train Graph
• Train Describer
• Train Routing
• Timetable

Command & Control 8 railways
Command & Control 53 railways stations

The HW structure and the SW packages allow an easy integration with other products;


RFI – Energy Management System Of Italian Railways
1000 plants under the control of centralized SCADA
70.000 I/O
Updating time between 10 and 60 s
High Availability (Server IAS Hot Backup, InSql Fault tolerant)
Web Portal
Application Modules of Maintenance, Electrical Simulation, Business, Energy Management, Reporting
14 Departments/Districts with 30 users
High Flexibility of the Solution
Role based User profiles
SCADA Security


INFRABEL – Electric Traction Control System /Belegium)

Study and Design of Requirements for :
Supervisory and Control System of Electrical Distribution of Railways in Belgium
Integration with SCADA of Railways Stations
Centralized Alarm Management
Integration between electrical SCADA and signalling
Cyber Security


Monte Poggio Maria (IT) Tunnel (4.3km) – Supervision System (SPVI) & Energy Management System
The Integrated Supervision for Safety of Railway Galleries, allows the operator of the control room, to act promptly and coordinate aid in case of emergency in the tunnel.
The system integrates all the emergency systems of the Gallery and in particular:
Communication System GSM-R / GSM-P
Lighting and Power Distribution Management Systems
Telephony System and Emergency Sound System
Ventilation System
Focusing of the Contact Line Grounding System
Intrusion and Access Control system (including CCTV)
Fire extinguishing system
Local and Geographical Data Network (SDH)