Mobile Video Surveillance (MVS)

The MVS system is a complete Tecnau solution for CCTV and analysis of on-board emergency conditions.
The MVS system is the complete Tecnau solution for CCTV: MVS was at first developed for Dubai railway, to provide vehicles with the best and newer CCTV technology.
The system was tested and then successfully installed, and is currently running on 50 trains. Give its «general-purpose» nature, MVS system can be adopted for a many different scenarios, not necessarily related to train coaches.

The main system functionalities are:

• Client/Server Architecture
• Recording hardware platform (Server) placed on-board, and managed by Tecnau applications executed in a GNU/Linux environment; removable storage unity.
• Graphical Interface (Client) for offline analisys of video stream (detection of alarm conditions, stream playing on Quad page)
• Stream export facility for optical mediums

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Applications of the system
MVS system is currently used by Swiss Railways (SBB) and Austrian Railways (Mariazellerbahn).

The SCADA Supervision Systems allow the control and the management of complex networks/plants, where the acquisition of data in real time and their elaboration and visualization are essential for the correct operation of the networks/Plants.

The supervision system are key systems in:

• Oil & Gas, Power and water Network
• Plant and Process Automation (Road/Railway Tunnels, Industry, …)
• Transport system (Railways, Metro, Light rails)
• Building Automation
• Industrial Plants