Lighting and Power Distribution Management Systems (LFM)

The LFM System allows the control and management of Lighting and Power Distribution for railroad tunnels.

The main system functionalities are:

  • Client/Server Architecture
  • Automatic configuration and power supply of the electric backbones
  • Control and diagnostics of the field equipments
  • Management of the lighting in the security exits on the tunnel, and in the places nearby
  • Graphic display of all information(Client)
  • Data elaboration in real time, trend and reports for offline data analisys
  • Diagnostic and security management

LFM comprises the following equipment managed by the SCADA system:

  • Front-End panel to command and control remote devices
  • Tunnel panels (QdT) e Nearby Areas (QdP) panels
  • Microcontroller-based Nearby Areas Units (UdP), Microcontroller-based Tunnel Units (UdT)
  • Client remote surveillance (control, command, diagnostics e mantainance)

Applications of the system
LFM system was approved and certified by RFI in November 2013, in compliance of “Technical Rules for Security Improvements in Railroad Tunnels”.