Public Information Dynamics (PIMS)

The system represents Tecnau solution for management of dynamic public information for transportation.
PIMS joins completely natively with the CTC and provides dynamic information to public, about trains / vehicles leaving through the visual messages and / or audio messages.

The Tecnau PIMS passenger information system (Public Information Management System) integrates and enhances the services provided by the operators trough real time information. The calculation of the vehicles’ departure times (trains, trams, buses, underground trains) is made on the basis of their real position through to the integration of the system with the vehicle position indicator systems

Furthermore, the system can send special text messages which facilitate the communication in real time between operators and users. These messages can be displayed on information panels, to inform passengers about cancelled or unscheduled departures, special offers, events, advertising, etc.


• Simultaneous handling of trains, underground trains, trolley-buses and buses
• Information display on platforms, at the bus-stops
• Information display on waiting-rooms
• Information display on Totem-Info
• Writing of special messages through “user-friendly screens”
• PIMS-Web for sending messages via Internet
• Connection Management (Messages to drivers)
• Speed on Line Management”, according to shifting from timetable (Messages to drivers)

Interface with other systems
The software structure of the PIMS system can be easily integrated, at the input level, with vehicle position detection systems (RCS, AVM, AVL, ZLR, RBL), and at the output level with external systems for display panels and loudspeakers management

Applications of the system
This system has been installed in the following cities:

• Düsseldorf (Germany) – Trolley-bus, bus, underground
• Münich (Germany) – Underground
• Wien (Austria) – Underground
• Perugia (Italy) – Railway
• Salerno (Italy) – Tube