System for Energy Efficiency (QDS)

QDS system provides automatic management of equipments, and possibly, their control, for the reduction of power consumptions.

This system is applicable to lighting plants according to external light and according to the real service needs, to RED (Electric Heating of Turnouts) in order to guarantee the full availability of plants also in case of adverse weather conditions, to counters (water, power and gas) for applying initiatives to contain consumptions, and any other station equipments.

The system is regulated by the “Telemanagement And energy efficiency Systems of LFM and utilities” (RFI DTC ST E SP IFS LF 627A) specification.

The main system functionalities are:

  • Diagnostic, monitoring and command of lighting systems (lighting towers, shelters, underpasses)
  • Diagnostic, monitoring and command of electric heating of turnouts
  • Diagnostic, and monitoring of counters (water, power, gas)
  • Diagnostic, monitoring and command of station equipments and devices, like lifts, elevators, lifting pumps, heating/conditioning systems

QDS comprises the following equipments managed by the SCADA system:

  • Client/Server Architecture
  • Station panels (QdT) managed by Microcontroller-based Panel Units (UdQ)
  • MAD Field equipments (Module for Data Acquisition)
  • Weather control unit and temperature probe for rails
  • Supervision system
  • Interface with other systems (SPVI, etc) through IEC60870-5- 104 protocol