Control System Distribution Energy (CSDE)

The CSDE system allows acquisition/elaboration of energy measures and control of Network/Plant.
CSDE is a centralized system for acquisition/elaboration of energy measures and remote control of Power, gas & oil, water network and manufacturing plants located on large geographical areas. Data collection and control terminals can be connected to the central system by wide, public or private transmission networks (ADSL, GPRS/UMTS, GSM-R, etc.) The SW platform is based on a Client/Server redundant configuration.

The main units of the system are:

• System administration for set-up, diagnostic and maintenance of the system
• Data Management for remote control and data acquisition
• Analysis, simulation and optimization of the network/plant
• Interface with third parties for data interchange
• Business Unit for the management of the commercial issues


• Data acquisition up to 1 (one) Million of I/O (measures)
• Polling period variable and in accordance with customer requirements
• Devices Synchronization with the Administration site
• Security management and system access via Intranet/Internet.
• Open architecture (allows interface with open systems)
• High System flexibility and configurability
• Cartographic interface (GIS type)

Applications of the system
Since 2006, a large system application is in service with RFI (Italian Railways Company), for the acquisition and elaboration of electrical data of its High Voltage network along the entire Italian territory. The system allows analysis, simulation and optimization of the network and interfaces G.R.T.N. (Italian Electrical Power distribution) for data interchange.